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Koto Go Silence Review | Animated Storybook for Kids


Koto Go Silence redefines the storybook of this generation. It’s a full featured app with beautiful sounds to go with your reading, and stunning visuals for your viewing. It’s not the average story book with just visuals after the words; instead it reads out the story with a clear and understandable voice, capturing your attention, and setting the mood throughout the story.

The animations:

The animations add real depth to an unusual book, and very entertaining story. The visual animations are clear, and can engage readers of all ages, even myself (at the grand age of eighteen). Koto Go Silence has a Pixar feel about it. The childlike appearance of Koto can remind you of yourself as a child, or perhaps even remind you of your brother or sister when they were young. The dynamic animations, and options for audio narration are perfect tools for helping children to increase their understanding of words. Computer animated images add a new dynamic, and spark your imagination while you read throughout the book, engrossing you into Koto’s relatable story, as he embarks on his adventure of maintaing quiet throughout the night.

User Interface:

Koto Go Silence has an intuitive user interface. There are no complex options for narration; just a simple tap on a sentence, and your wish is granted. The storybook is very visual, helping the reader maintain focus, and adding to the mood of the overall story. The story’s text is reasonably sized, but options for increasing text size for visually impaired children or adults are not present. This would be a beneficial feature, helping widen the range of usability for the storybook. The animations are superb, and credit is due to the designers at Light Sleepers Studios. They’ve done a fantastic job. The animations do the story justice, add an exciting snippet into Koto’s story, and create a feeling of personal involvement.

Here are some of the key features of Koto Go Silence:

  •  CG character animation with exciting segments.
  •  Relate-able day-to-day experiences for young children.
  •  Interactive texts with English read-along functions.
  •  Once installed, the App can be played, even when offline.

The Story:

The story has basic words to aid children, which are the primary target audience of the book. It also has audio narration, which is great! The design of the app helps you immerse yourself into the story without having to focus on reading. The sounds and visually stunning animations, can spark the child in people of all ages. I’ve read many storybooks that have either failed to include narration, or have included a robotic voice that is difficult to engage with. Koto Go Silence has a clear, understandable, and friendly voice. The narration by itself, without the complex and enjoyable story, is a killer feature! The rest is a bonus!

The downsides:

I’ve noticed throughout my reading of Koto Go Silence, and testing with my iPhone in iOS5, that if you receive a notification, the application becomes unusable. It could be a problem within iOS5, but it’s an annoyance more than anything-else. Also, if you respond to a text message or iMessage notification, your current page is not saved, and you end up returning to the main page of the book. My opinion is that Koto Go Silence was primarily designed for use with the iPad and iPod touch, not the iPhone. I say this because of the issues I found using the app on my iPhone. The amount of notifications that one can receive is relatively higher with the iPhone, yet the lack of suspended animation after incoming notifications do not compensate for that. Having said that, the usability issue is nothing major, and is easily cured with turning on airplane mode on your iPhone.


Overall, for the price of £1.99 or $2.99 in the US, this storybook is well worth it. Stunning visuals, interesting storyline, and entertaining narration make Koto Go Silence a pleasure to read at any age. You’ll find yourself reading this story again and again, enjoying the amount of action, comedy, and adventure Koto Go Silence has to offer. It’s a must buy if you have young children in your family, especially if you’re a lover of masterpieces of animation. I loved reading Koto Go Silence, and enjoyed every moment of it. Kudos to Light Sleeper Studios for this beautiful storybook.


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