Mac app review | Color splash Studio $1.99

Mac app review | Color splash Studio

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First impressions:

Color Splash Studio is a Mac application that allows you to select colors, and use desaturation on certain elements of a photograph. It comes with very a simple, and effective UI (User Interface). It’s primary use is for straightforward and effective editing, with minimal know how or frustration. It’s made for both consumers, and people who just want to spice up their photography in cool and effective ways. For myself, personally, it’s a perfect addition to my recently bought iPhone 4s. It lets me change settings, target selective colors, and desaturate images. I can easily begin editing by selecting various options, ranging from the size of  my brush, to the softness or opacity of the scale I choose.


Color Splash Studio UI

Color Splash Studio user interface


Color Splash Studio has a lot to offer, in a very simple and affordable application. The application has a hint of Apple running through its coding; it’s simple but very effective. A lot like the Macintosh, it has a slim sleek design, but it’s extremely powerful and does everything well. It has a iOS feel about it, you can do it, without even thinking about it. The simplicity is similar to using creative photography apps on an iPad. If you’ve ever made creative images by sliding your finger over images on the screen, then you’ll know how easy it is to be creative with Color Splash Studio. The same ease of use as the iPad is found within this application. You can easily make creative photographs with a stroke of your mouse over the area you want to adjust.

On opening of the application you’re presented with the welcome screen.  From here you can easily load an image by dragging the image in from your desktop, or using the import feature in the user interface. Both of the importing options are simple and very self-explanatory. The home screen features the toolbar on the top side, above the view finder. On the right side you will find your tools, editing brushes, options for your hue, saturation, brightness, and exposure levels of the color layer. The user interface is very simple, but powerful if you dive into the depths of the application.


Color Splash Studio has a  very simple layout. It’s a very unobtrusive layout, with functions readily available without distracting you from your main focus. The main photo editing tools are  located on the right side of the screen for easy access. This results in ease of use in adjusting the diameter, softness, and opacity of the color brush, which is primarily used for adjustments on the grayscale layer. Underneath the color brush tool, there are more tools for people who want to experiment further with the likes of adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, or exposure and color/grayscale layers of a photograph. You also have options to save your edited files in various file formats, including JPEG, JPEG 2000, Open EXR and TIFF.

These features could easily be compared with Adobe’s CS5 Photoshop tools, but they differ in the learning curves required to learn them. Color Splash Studio offers a simplified user interface, which is more user-friendly for the novice or beginner. In my opinion, the ease of use of Color Splash Studio makes it perfect for small adjustments, thus avoiding the need for Photoshop CS5, which requires an understanding of Adobe’s complex, but still very effective user interface. Color Splash Studio excels in offering very advanced features, in a small, yet powerful and light weight application.

Once you’ve achieved your desired effect, you can take advantage of the various social sharing options. In my eyes, this is a nice addition to the application. If you’ve tried to upload photographs to social networking sites, you know it’s not the most pleasant of experiences, but this application takes care of that. It has options along the toolbar at the top for sharing to most social media sites. You can post to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, or even Twitter, which is a bonus. Sadly, up to now it doesn’t support Google+, but I’m sure that will be coming shortly in a new update.

The verdict:

Overall, the application is brilliant for novices, and the more experienced. It has a few downfalls, but nothing major. It’s slightly slow in processing images depending on the file size, but nothing to consider not purchasing. For the functionality it offers, it’s a perfect addition to Photoshop,  a perfect addition for spicing up your creativity, and adding a creative twist to your photography. It’s missing some very much-needed features that are included in many other applications. Features like cropping and rotation are missing, but the lack of these features can easily be supplemented with use of the built-in “Image Capture” app on the Mac. We feel that these features  should be included in future releases for the non-technical person, and to create a more flowing user experience.

Color Splash Studio is available on the Mac App Store, and retails for around £1.49 or $1.99, depending on your geographical location. For what it offers, It’s a steal, and a must buy for anyone interested in creative photography, editing previous taken pictures, or just letting their creativity run wild.

Gallery of pictures I edited with Color Splash Studio for Mac

Below are some examples of the power of Color Splash Studio:

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