iCloud Photo Stream automatically uploads your photographs and videos to the cloud (online storage), allowing you to synchronize and access them from your Macintosh computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Simply sign into the same iCloud account on all of your computers and iOS devices, and everything will always be in sync. Unfortunately iCloud, as convenient as it is, can be an annoyance due to a key missing feature. Singular photo deletion!

To our amazement, iCloud currently has no options for deleting photos one at a time. Apple has decided to leave granular photo deletion out of Photo Stream, making things very inconvenient! Deleting unwanted pictures from Photo Stream, requires you to delete your entire cache of iCloud photos.

The problem becomes evident when you want to remove an embarrassing photograph taken at the bar, or a private photograph you don’t want syncing across all of your devices, making it freely accessible. Not having granular deletion controls in iCloud Photo Stream can become a privacy risk, and many of you have been wondering how you can take control of what gets uploaded to your Photo Stream. Luckily, there’s a solution to your iCloud woes.

Here are the steps for deleting and resetting your entire iCloud Photo Stream on iCloud.com:

Photo Stream can be reset via your iCloud account on the web, or a flip of the Photo Stream toggle on your iCloud based iOS device.


Resetting your iCloud photo stream will result in all Photo Stream photographs being deleted! Before you do so, make sure any photographs you want to keep are saved on any of your devices. Photographs already in your camera roll will not be affected.


  •  Login to your account on iCloud.com from a Mac or PC

  • Click on your name at the top right of the main iCloud page.
  • Click on the Advanced option.

  • Click “Reset Photo Stream.” Then confirm.



Here are the steps for removal of iCloud Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

iCloud Photo Stream will not be reset on your iOS device until you toggle Photo Stream on and off. All photographs will be deleted past this point in iCloud.

  • Navigate to settings on your iOS device

  • Scroll down to iCloud.

  • You will then be on the iCloud menu, Photo Stream should be enabled.

  • Toggle the on switch to off. All Photo Stream photographs will be deleted after this point.


iCloud Photo Stream isn’t for everyone. If you’re tired of resetting your photo stream every time it uploads a photograph you don’t want, or having to wait 30 days for your Photo Stream to expire, here’s a solution that can give you a clean slate. Heck, by deleting your Photo Stream, your battery life might even improve! Lets hope its not long until Apple implements granular photo deletion controls in iCloud and Photo Stream. Until then, you have a solution to your iCloud Photo Stream problems.


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