Snapheal For Mac Review $9.99

Snapheal For Mac Review

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Snapheal (available on the Mac App Store) is the Macintosh’s answer to a basic, yet complex photo touch up program without the purchase of Adobe Photoshop. It features professional features, in a beautiful and intuitive design, letting both beginners and professionals take advantage of the killer features it has to offer. From the removal of blemishes, to the removal of objects, to the basic color correction of photographs. Snapheal does it all. And the way it should be done: easy. Check out our comprehensive Snapheal for Mac review below.

User Interface:

The user interface is clean, simple, and intuitive. The display is easy, even for the most novice of users out there. It feels very Apple-ish in design, with sleek and simple icons for editing, importing, or altering the size of the image. All of your options are stored away in a sidebar, which is easy on the eye, and doesn’t distract you from your main focus. Snapheal could be operated by a toddler, it’s that simple if you just want to delete objects or alter contrast ratios.

On the erase section it has a small snippet of information about each mode (wormhole, shape shift, twister) making the icons less daunting and more user-friendly. All of the modes, ranging from retouching, to rotating of the image have a small section of information informing you what that desired option can do. Making the experience more pleasurable and a breeze to use.

Using the application:

The application is as simple as it sounds, you paint over the parts of the image you want to change, whether that’s erasing parts of an image, or changing contrast and saturation. It’s as easy as it sounds. If you’ve used paint, it’s basically like that, but a lot more powerful. After painting over your designed part of the image, you can use the sliders to alter the strength of the effect to your preference. On the lower part of the sidebar you have your options for the brush. These include the standard diameter, the softness, and opacity of it. All very useful for pin-point retouching of photographs, especially blemishes when you only want to remove small or visually non-existent marks. As expected, the removal of objects or spots does take a while, but the developer included some interesting facts; It takes between 5-10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the size of the area you’re erasing. And when it does, It’s perfect!

The application also features adjustments for the image overall. These have the standard sliders such as brightness, contrast, exposure, color temperature, hue, saturation; to the more advanced features of lighting shadows, highlighting, sharpness and denoise. These features are mostly for

the more advanced user, whereas the paint and touch ups are still professional, but more aimed at the beginner who wants minor editing without too much technical knowledge. Sadly, the more advanced features don’t include a description, so technical knowledge is assumed and required.

Just as when you thought it couldn’t get much better, it does!

Snapheal includes one of the most useful, yet basic of features. Cropping! It lets you rotate the image, crop to a certain width and height, and choose from various templates like 16×9 or 4×3. Ideal for knowing your image are fit for printing.

Some other features of Snapheal:

  • Erase unwanted objects, delete skin imperfections and text.
  • Fix images with clone&stamp tool.
  • Adjust saturation, gamma, exposure, color temperature, etc.
  • Reduce noise and sharpen images.
  • Control shadows and highlights.
  • Import pictures from Aperture and iPhoto.
  • Export to iPhoto.
  • Handle up to 32 megapixels.
  • Work with Tiff, Raw, etc.


Overall, this application is a steal for the amount of features it packs in for such a low price. This is quality photography software at an affordable price. Snapheal is the perfect companion for times when Photoshop is too stressful, and only a simple edit or touch-up is needed. It harnesses power in a beautiful and intuitive design, with professional and basic features incorporated in a package fit for all.

Check it out on the Mac App Store for $9.99.

Examples of the power of Snapheal below:

Snapheal for Mac Review

Snapheal for Mac app review

Snapheal for Mac app

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