Turn your iPad into a cell phone | A review of Line2 HD by Toktumi FREE

Turn your iPad into a cell phone | A review of Line2 HD by Toktumi

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Line2 HD by Toktumi lets you use your iPad as your phone

Line2 HD for iPad review

I’ve used the iPhone version of Line2 for about a month now, and I’m happy to announce that Line2 HD for iPad has finally been released. This amazing app can turn your iPhone, ipod touch, or iPad into a fully functional phone. Yes, you heard me right! Line2, and Line2 HD can turn your iDevices into fully functional cell phones; with texting, phone calls, voice-mail, and much more. You can make calls using WiFi or 3G, keep-up on incoming text messages, and browse through visual voice-mail. The service uses VOIP (Voice Over IP); just like Skype, Vonage, Magic jack, etc. Take a look at how Line2 stacks up against other VOIP services here.

Line2 for iPhone review

Line2 features:

Line2 HD can be downloaded on any iPad for FREE, and includes a complimentary seven-day trial for your pleasure. You can make unlimited phone calls on your iPad to the USA or Canada, and send and receive SMS text messages. We have not seen any MMS features in the app as of this writing, but we hear that MMS will be coming soon. The subscription fee is $9.99 per month after the trial period, and if you subscribe before your trial runs out, you will lock in your subscription fees at $9.99 per month for life (The CEO guarantees it). I was able to subscribe to the monthly plan right from within the iPhone app, but I think the iPad version may need you to subscribe from Toktumi’s website. Take a look at the pricing table and decide which plan is right for your needs.

Benefits of a Line2 phone number:

One of the best use cases for Line2 is reduction of your cell phone costs. Line2 relies on your 3G or WiFi connection to do its magic, so any calls or text messages you’re sending, or receiving, are all based on DATA and NOT minutes. What this means for you is that you can use your Line2 phone number exclusively, to make all of your phone calls and text messages. You will not use up any minutes or text messages on your mobile carrier by doing so. The only drawback at this time is the lack of MMS messaging in Line2 (which should be coming soon). For all other intents and purposes, you can cut your carrier minutes to the lowest amount possible, and eliminate your texting plan (if you don’t care about loosing MMS messaging). Making these changes could save you a pretty penny each month, and offer you more versatility with: unlimited calling (anytime minutes, since it’s based on data), free calls to Canada, and unlimited SMS texting. We think that the lack of MMS messaging in Line2 will be a moot point soon, with the release of iOS 5’s iMessage making MMS all but obsolete on the carrier side. iOS 5 should hit the iWorld in the next few weeks.

line2 for ipod review

There are many benefits to trying out Line2, and Line2 HD on your iDevices. You can save money, get more minutes, send unlimited text messages, and call Canada for free. Oh, and yeah!, lets not forget that having a phone line on your iPad is a pretty awesome feature as well. I find using my iPad as a phone really handy at times. I can keep in touch with friends and family while I’m relaxing, and use Line2 HD as my backup phone if I ever break my iPhone. The only thing that’s kinda important when it comes to using Line2 on your iPhone or iPad 3G, is your DATA CAP!! Like I mentioned before, Line2 is a VOIP service, so it will rely on DATA for all its communications. For those who have UNLIMITED data plans, this will be of no concern, and a potential advantage in reducing their carrier minutes. For those who have CAPPED DATA PLANS, you may want to consider the usefulness of Line2, and any potential overages when using it over 3G. The concern is again a moot point if you only plan on using Line2 over WiFi (like I do on my iPad 2).

The verdict on Line2 and Line2 HD:

After having plenty of hands-on time with Line2, and Line2 HD, I can give you a solid recommendation to go out and give it a try. At the very least you will enjoy making calls from your iPad, and showing your friends how awesome it is to make calls, and check voice-mails from your iPad.

Grab your copy of Line2 for iPhone and iPod touch, or Line2 HD for iPad on the iTunes App store for the grand total of FREE today ;-)

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