Laser Technology is Making Tattoo Removal Easier than Ever

Tattoo culture is a growing trend in modern times that has created a humongous buzz all across the globe. People have started getting inked depicting deep thoughts through their tattoos. The colors and writings of a tattoo need to get re-inked to retain their glaze and pristine nature. Tattoos are skin deep penetration and its removal is equally difficult and painful. However with advancement in modern technology, laser treatment has emerged immensely successful in removal of tattoos.


The need of removal of tattoos has increased in recent times and use of Q-switched lasers has improvised the process of tattoo removal. Tattoos are inked on different areas of body their removal to get new ones is quite a long process. Stomach tattoos for girls is a common pick by most tattoo lovers. They get tattoos that symbolize different meanings of life. Selective stomach tattoos for girls have been widely popular and often they like to get it altered. Hence tattoo removal plays a key role in this process.

Laser treatment involves the use of specific destruction of molecules of ink and is eliminated from the lymphatic system. Laser technology require multiple sessions of treatment with most predictable results. Owing to the growth in laser technology that has helped in removal of permanent tattoos, the tattoo removal industry has largely grown over the last few years.

Laser Treatment Benefits

Laser removal of tattoo is the most effective and easiest way of tattoo removal. There are different levels of laser treatment and the color of tattoo ink is yet another determination factor. Getting your ink undone has become a lot easier with the research and improvisations on tattoo removal. Laser Technology used for the removal of tattoos gets the ink undone in an easy and speedy way. The laser treatments also come with proper advises on skin that helps in the fast healing after the different treatments of laser.

So if you have an ugly tattoo and want to get a new meaning pattern, laser technology plays a key role in the quick removal of tattoos in an easy way. It is slightly expensive but the results are safe, comfortable and predictable. Laser technology has truly minimized the pain and discomfort. Research is still being carried out in gaining more effective results and reducing the multiple sessions required. Laser technology has gained a rise of nearly 440% in the last few years and nearly 755 clearances on tattoo removal.

All About Galaxy S8 Edge


There is an upcoming phone from Samsung “the Galaxy S8 Edge” which is to be launched in 2107 and it is worth waiting for because of the unique features and functionality.

The S8 Edge will be the third curved Smartphone with a new concept about the looks and everything with a better productivity.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

It will introduce some novel features as- wireless and rapid charging, larger screen, 4K display and the resolution around 4096 x 2160. Other features like the battery with larger capacity, dual micro SD card slots, Gorilla Glass protection, and an octa-core processor are also included.

All details on the Galaxy S8 Edge specifications are detailed below-

Battery- 4200 mAh

Camera – Front9.0 Megapixels, Rear30 Megapixels

Colors – Black, blue, gold, and white

Features – Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 5G, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, wireless charging

Memory – 64 and 128 GB internal memory with dual micro SD cards

Operating System – Current Android operating system 2017

Price – $850 USD, 775 Euro – see below

Processor – Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.2 GHz processor


Release Date – April 2017

Screen Display – 5.2” with 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Price

The price varies according to countries-

Country Galaxy S8 Edge Price
Australia 1236 Australian Dollar
Austria 820 Euro
Brazil 3090 Brazilian Real
Canada 1182 Canadian Dollar
China 5589 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 6122 Danish Krone
England 576 British Pound Sterling
Finland 820 Euro
France 820 Euro
Germany 820 Euro
Greece 820 Euro
Hong Kong 6978 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 252,272 Hungarian Forint
India 57,591 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 1,2141,450 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 820 Euro
Japan 111,601 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 179,100 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 41,139 Philippine Peso
Singapore 1238 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 11,426 South African Rand
South Korea 1,051,969 South Korean Won
Spain 820 Euro
Switzerland 870 Swiss Franc
United States $900

Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorders

By Preordering get the newest piece before the launching date, to secure the new galaxy S8, preorder this Smartphone that is to be in the market around April.  AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular will be able to take benefit of presales and next smartphone to look for the launch would be Apple iphone 8. We will keep updating you with next upcoming smartphones soon till then keep visiting our site for more info till then share this news with your friends on social media.


The Next Big Thing is the New iPhone 7


Apple is known to do pretty amazing things and oh boy, this year can be termed as their best one till date. Apple recently announced the iOS 10 update for their iPhone and now the next big thing from their stable is the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7- The much anticipated release of the year. Following Apple’s track, 2016 will bring an even-year upgrade that will include a new iPhone design in addition to new features. So let’s go on with the long list of improvements that Apple is going to include in the iPhone 7.


The next –generation iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone 7, but there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could introduce 3 versions of iPhone 7, iPhone 7, iPhone Pro and iPhone 7 PLUS. The iPhone 7 may be somewhat thinner than the iPhone 6s due to elimination of the headphone jack, advances in chip packing technology, and a slimmer lightning port. You might think that elimination of the headphone jack is a bad idea but Apple is planning to throw earphones which will connect to the lightning port of the iPhone 7 to give you great music.  New developments suggest that the iPhone 7 will be equipped with a dual –lens camera which would greatly improve the image quality. However, Apple is going to include the same 12 MP camera from the iPhone 6S. The front of the iPhone is also expected to see some changes with a longer earpiece cutout and a relocated ambient light sensor. Also Apple is planning to change the design of antenna bands on the device as they will be putting the antenna bands on the top and bottom of the device only.

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It is also speculated that Apple is working on a set of wireless Bluetooth earphones that would be sold alongside the iPhone 7 as a premium accessory and an alternative to the EarPods. Rumors have also surfaced that a Smart Connector is present on the back of the device just like that we saw on the iPad PRO and it will let you connect your iPhone to the keyboard and many other gadgets.

Not much of a difference is to be expected between iPhone 7 and the previous models, but there are surely many things to look forward to. iPhone 7 is expected to be slightly slimmer than the previous ventures due to non-availability of a headphone jack, making its design look better. The battery life in iPhone 7 will be slightly better than that of iPhone 6s.

The prices of the iPhone 7 will start from 60,000 Rupees and will climb up to 95,000 for the PRO version. Only time will tell about the success of the latest iPhone.

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Koto Go Silence Review | Animated Storybook for Kids


Koto Go Silence redefines the storybook of this generation. It’s a full featured app with beautiful sounds to go with your reading, and stunning visuals for your viewing. It’s not the average story book with just visuals after the words; instead it reads out the story with a clear and understandable voice, capturing your attention, and setting the mood throughout the story.

The animations:

The animations add real depth to an unusual book, and very entertaining story. The visual animations are clear, and can engage readers of all ages, even myself (at the grand age of eighteen). Koto Go Silence has a Pixar feel about it. The childlike appearance of Koto can remind you of yourself as a child, or perhaps even remind you of your brother or sister when they were young. The dynamic animations, and options for audio narration are perfect tools for helping children to increase their understanding of words. Computer animated images add a new dynamic, and spark your imagination while you read throughout the book, engrossing you into Koto’s relatable story, as he embarks on his adventure of maintaing quiet throughout the night.

User Interface:

Koto Go Silence has an intuitive user interface. There are no complex options for narration; just a simple tap on a sentence, and your wish is granted. The storybook is very visual, helping the reader maintain focus, and adding to the mood of the overall story. The story’s text is reasonably sized, but options for increasing text size for visually impaired children or adults are not present. This would be a beneficial feature, helping widen the range of usability for the storybook. The animations are superb, and credit is due to the designers at Light Sleepers Studios. They’ve done a fantastic job. The animations do the story justice, add an exciting snippet into Koto’s story, and create a feeling of personal involvement.

Here are some of the key features of Koto Go Silence:

  •  CG character animation with exciting segments.
  •  Relate-able day-to-day experiences for young children.
  •  Interactive texts with English read-along functions.
  •  Once installed, the App can be played, even when offline.

The Story:

The story has basic words to aid children, which are the primary target audience of the book. It also has audio narration, which is great! The design of the app helps you immerse yourself into the story without having to focus on reading. The sounds and visually stunning animations, can spark the child in people of all ages. I’ve read many storybooks that have either failed to include narration, or have included a robotic voice that is difficult to engage with. Koto Go Silence has a clear, understandable, and friendly voice. The narration by itself, without the complex and enjoyable story, is a killer feature! The rest is a bonus!

The downsides:

I’ve noticed throughout my reading of Koto Go Silence, and testing with my iPhone in iOS5, that if you receive a notification, the application becomes unusable. It could be a problem within iOS5, but it’s an annoyance more than anything-else. Also, if you respond to a text message or iMessage notification, your current page is not saved, and you end up returning to the main page of the book. My opinion is that Koto Go Silence was primarily designed for use with the iPad and iPod touch, not the iPhone. I say this because of the issues I found using the app on my iPhone. The amount of notifications that one can receive is relatively higher with the iPhone, yet the lack of suspended animation after incoming notifications do not compensate for that. Having said that, the usability issue is nothing major, and is easily cured with turning on airplane mode on your iPhone.


Overall, for the price of £1.99 or $2.99 in the US, this storybook is well worth it. Stunning visuals, interesting storyline, and entertaining narration make Koto Go Silence a pleasure to read at any age. You’ll find yourself reading this story again and again, enjoying the amount of action, comedy, and adventure Koto Go Silence has to offer. It’s a must buy if you have young children in your family, especially if you’re a lover of masterpieces of animation. I loved reading Koto Go Silence, and enjoyed every moment of it. Kudos to Light Sleeper Studios for this beautiful storybook.

AirServer Review | iOS AirPlay Mirroring on your Mac


After Apple introduced Airplay in iOS 5, the Apple TV was the only device capable of mirroring your iOS device to your big screen. Questions were raised, complaints were made, and Apple has yet to support the Mac as an AirPlay device. There have been a few applications for the Mac claiming that they offer a solution to AirPlay streaming, but few have been able to perfect it.

Look no further, because the solution for AirPlay streaming on your Mac is here!  AirServer is a Macintosh application that allows you to stream audio and video to your Macintosh in all it’s glory. We’ve had a chance to test it for the past couple of weeks, and have put together a nice review of its features and performance. Check out the details below!

User interface

The user interface is something you’d expect from a native Mac app. It’s implemented in the background by a menu bar application, which is perfect, unlike other applications on the market. It has a very easy to use interface, with only a few clicks required to be up and running. It has options to distribute your audio to different outputs, whether that be from system default, to any external sources you have connected to your Mac. It does it very well, and in my testing, no audio tracks were affected, even through Bose speakers. It sounded as if the audio was connected via a cable to the  audio jack. You also have the option to select the screen you wish to display your iOS device on, which may be your shiny new TV, or just your secondary monitor. AirServer also has options for mirroring, allowing you to select optimized sizes for your iOS devices. This is a neat feature for those who don’t want mirroring to take up a lot of screen real estate on their Mac. AirServer also comes with an option for people with slower bandwidth, which is an option lacking in many of its competitors. What sets AirServer apart from other applications is its support for dual AirPlay mirroring. This is perfect for gaming with your friends, whether that be from your iPhone, your iPad, or even your iPod touch. This one key feature is something that’s not supported by the Apple TV, as of yet.

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Using the application

The application is very easy to use. AirServer is very intuitive, with simple controls. After installing the application, it seems like you’re presented with nothing, as the application is lurking away in the background through a menu bar app. Activating your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is super easy, as you simply double tap the home button, presenting the multi-tasking bar. Slide to the left, and then once more. You should see another icon next to your volume slider. That is where you can activate your AirPlay mirroring through AirServer. After clicking the icon, you’re presented with an options menu, where you can stream your audio & video from your iOS device to your Mac. Remember that you can even stream multiple iOS devices to the same Mac. It’s that simple! If Apple is going to add AirPlay into the Mac, this is the way they should go about it.


AirServer is the industry standard for Macintosh AirPlay applications, and it’s absolutely a breeze to work with. It just works, as Steve Jobs would have said. It converts your Mac into a multiplayer game console. Perfect for times when family is around. AirServer only supports iOS devices for now, but is the first and only AirPlay enabled Mac application that allows AirPlay with a Microsoft Windows computer. These features make the AirPlay experience a lot more pleasurable, and the cross-platform compatibility allows Windows users to join the fun as well. Overall, AirServer is a must for anyone who enjoys serious gaming on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. AirServer also comes in handy when you’re displaying photographs to relatives or friends, as it saves the hassle of gathering around when you can use technology you already have. For the very reasonable price of $15, AirServer is a must buy for anyone who owns a Mac, and wants to extend an improved AirPlay experience to more screens around the home or office.

Below is a summary of the main improvements to AirServer 4.3 for Mac:

  • Free 7 day trial version
  • Gaming split screen for multiple devices (16+ devices)
  • Added ability to change aspect ratio while mirroring.
  • Added iSight camera preview ability while mirroring.
  • Greatly improved mirroring performance.
  • Added full support for Mountain Lion.
  • Added mirroring optimization preferences which enables 1:1 pixel mapping.
  • Fixed audio jitters and sync issues.
  • Fixed rendering on Macs with HiDPI setting enabled.
  • Fixed rendering on virtual machines like VMWare fusion.
  • Fixed shimmering borders appearing on some displays with certain games.


CAT Prep work 2016– One of the most usual imagine MBA Aspirants is to score an Ace in PET CAT. PET CAT is one of the most reputed Administration Entryway Examination held throughout the country. But now the inquiry is “Ways to Get ready for PET CAT”. Well, to start with, applicants should recognize with the syllabus, prepare a schedule to comply with, then comes the FELINE Publications for assistance and also preparation. Apart from the FELINE Prep work Publications, candidates could likewise exercise CAT Test Documents. Also to reinforce the FELINE Preparation Strategy, the candidates could appear for the CAT Mock Tests readily available online. Read this write-up for details on PET CAT Preparation Tips, Books for FELINE and for the most asked Question “How you can Break PET CAT”.


FELINE Prep work Strategy
To prepare early for CAT 2016, candidates can join a training Institute like T.I.M.E., Occupation Launcher, and so on. Nevertheless, if the candidates are incapable to sign up with an Institute for training, after that they could comply with the straightforward technique given below–.

Know your curriculum.
Gather Schedules for CAT.
Know your Syllabus– The candidates need to be familiar with the curriculum for CAT. The syllabus for PET CAT is as adheres to– Mathematics and Data Analysis, English & Reading Understanding and also Logical Thinking.

If you are major for PET CAT, then you should cover all these topics and placed them into day-to-day method. Also, according to the CAT Curriculum, candidates can obtain PET CAT Books as well as practice papers.

Depending upon the moment left for the test day, candidates can establish their top priority for the area you should work much more. For e.g. you fit with Maths and also Information Analysis however you freak out when it pertains to English area, then function much more on the English component.

Once you identify your weak point and also stamina, after that it is time to take a decision on the CAT Prep work Publications as well as various other materials. There are numerous information on Preparation of PET CAT, which is available online along with offline. For that reason, the choice on the information have to be made well.

Gather Schedules for FELINE– As discussed earlier, the listing of books recommended for PET CAT preparation is enormous. As a result, checklist of a few vital books according to the sections is provided right here:.

SectionRecommended Books.
Measurable Ability.
How you can Get ready for Measurable Ability for the PET CAT Common Admission Examination Fifth Version (Paperback) by Arun Sharma, Author: Tata McGraw Hill 2012 Rs. 625, 2012 edition.
The Pearson Guide To Measurable Ability And also Information Analysis For The FELINE by Nishit Sinha, Publisher: Pearson. Rs. 650, 2012 edition.
Quantum CAT: Quantitative Ability Common Admission Examination for Admission Into IIMs (Paperback) by Sarvesh K Verma Author: Arihant, Rs. 650, 2013 edition.
Information Analysis and also Rational Reasoning.
The best ways to Prepare for Information Interpretation for the PET CAT Common Admission Examination First Version (Book) by Arun Sharma Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Rs. 550, 2012 version.
Ways to Plan for Rational Reasoning for the FELINE Common Admission Test by Arun Sharma Author: Tata McGraw-Hill Rs. 450, 2012 edition.
The Pearson Guide To Verbal Capacity And Rational Thinking For The FELINE 1st Edition (Paperback) by Nishit K. Sinha. Publisher: Pearson. Rs. 599, 2012 version.

Verbal Capability.
How you can Plan for Verbal Capability and Reading Understanding for the PET CAT Common Admission Examination 4th Version (Book) by Meenakshi Upadhyay, Arun Sharma. Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill, Rs. 575, 2011 Version.
The Pearson Overview of Verbal Capability And Sensible Thinking For The CAT 1st Version (Paperback) by Nishit K. Sinha Author: Pearson, Rs. 599, 2012 edition.

You could likewise select the reading products given by the Mentoring Institutes like IMS or CI and also T.I.M.E. However, prospects could likewise choose some fictions or non-fiction novels, publications, publications, short articles etc. to sharpen their vocabulary abilities.

Should See.

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Baffled from where to begin your CAT 2016 prep work?
Should MBA be always done from leading B-School?
IM FELINE 2016 Prep work Tips & Techniques.
FELINE Previous Year Concern Paper.
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FELINE Commonly asked questions.
What function do Mock Tests play in fracturing CAT?
Top B-schools That Accept PET CAT Score.
CAT 2015 Mattress topper and also their stories of success.
Various other sources or products are– T.I.M.E. booklets, Groups on Social Networking Sites, test series of Olive Board, Bullseye & IMS, Newspapers, Journals and, naturally, the Net.

Technique & Read– Practicing for any exam is like making yourself stronger compared to previously. For PET CAT 2016, prospects are asked for to practice section-wise.

Maths and also Data Interpretation: Urban legends say that the reading materials for Mathematics as well as Data Interpretation from T.I.M.E. cover the whole PET CAT curriculum. Exercising the workouts after each chapter will benefit you well. There are various other books which are mainly advised by top markers of CAT, which are–.

Ways to Get ready for DI & Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma.
The Pearson Guide to Data Interpretation and also Logical Reasoning for the PET CAT (With CD) by Nishit K. Sinha Author: Pearson.
NCERT Maths books for 8th, 9th & 10th criterion.
CBSE Mathematics publications for 8th, 9th & 10th requirement.
How to Prepare for Measurable Ability for the CAT Common Admission Test, Author: Arun Sharma.
Quantitative Aptitude For Affordable Exams by Guha Abhijit.
Measurable Ability for the CAT by Nishit Sinha.
The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Nishit Sinha.
English as well as Reading Comprehension– If you English is really inadequate, after that put efforts on your sentence structure. Materials for English as well as Understanding are effortlessly readily available, both through hard copy and also soft duplicate. In addition to sentence structure, there will certainly be concerns on vocabulary, therefore, you should likewise plan for the vocabulary. To obtain hold of words, you could also look into on-line materials such as Barron’s 333 High Regularity Word List– GRE. Keep making use of the words as long as possible which will certainly aid in modifying.
To handle the reading rate, read newspapers like “The Hindu” and also “The Economic Times”. Books are likewise offered for this component’s preparation; several of these schedules are–.

English Effectiveness IMS India.
Word Power Made Easy by NORMAN LEWIS.
Wren as well as Martin English Sentence structure.
Word Power Made Easy by NORMAN LEWIS.
Trainee’s Friend By Wilfred D. Ideal Verbal Capacity BY Arun Sharma.
Thirty Day to a More Effective Vocabulary by Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.
A Communicative Grammar of English By: Geoffrey Leech.
Business English and Interaction By: Clark.
English PLUS I.C.S.E. For Course 10 by Xavier Pinto.
Rational Reasoning– This is one of the trickiest section as well as it is a fact that Thinking cannot be educated. Publications are available to give suggestions on Reasoning, several of one of the most advised publications are–.

The best ways to Get ready for Verbal Ability as well as Reading Understanding for the PET CAT Typical Admission by Arun Sharma Publisher: TMH.
The Pearson Guide To Verbal Capacity And also Rational Thinking For The CAT by Nishit K. Sinha Author: Pearson.
A Modern Technique To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Changed Version by R. S. Aggarwal Publisher: S. Chand Price.
Trishna’s Verbal Capacity And also Rational Thinking For The CAT As well as Various other MBA Exams by TIME Publisher: Pearson.
Apart from those schedules and websites, there are a couple of Company Publications that will certainly help to prepare for FELINE as well as in the later phases. Several of these magazines are–.

Company Line by The Hindu Group.
Company Today by India Today Group.
Company World.
Management Compass Profession Launcher.
Company & Management Chronicle by Chronicle Publications.
Competition Success Review.
Buffoons test are one of the vital stages in the FELINE preparation. Standing for Mock Examination will check your abilities and also aid you to identify your weak point as well as strength. A lot of top scorers have actually signed up right into 2 or even more different mock collection. If you have the ability to split down 30 to 40 simulated tests preceeding 10 days of the test blog post is quite stress-free. Frequently practicing simulated tests will certainly improve your reliability in each attempt. There are lots of mock tests (paid and unsettled) offered online. Several coaching institutes prepare their own simulated examinations and also make them available online. In addition to simulated examinations, prospects could likewise choose PET CAT Try Papers. These Example Papers for PET CAT are conveniently available online online.

Lax– Taking too much of stress about the exam is a ticket making points even worse. It holds true that doing under pressure is challenging as well as many could stumble down. Studying for lengthy hours is not constantly possible, therefore, most top scorers of PET CAT suggest doing some tasks that ease the stress as well as mind. Be relaxed on the test day and also don’t worry on the level of problem of the concern. One of the most essential thing to keep in mind is to focus on reliability as opposed to general efforts.

All the Best and May the Pressure Be With You.